Why interactive whiteboards?

The interactive whiteboard is an extremely useful tool in the classroom, helping to support learning in a variety of ways. The interactive element of the whiteboard allows students to be more involved in the lesson – and it’s more engaging for the class. Students can interact with the whiteboard by choosing the correct answers, playing games or writing out spelling words and example sentences.

The interactive whiteboard also presents information to children in a way which is easy-to-read and exciting, helping students to retain information and make better notes. The ability to include images and videos on the screen provides children with a visual aid to stimulate their learning.

One of the clear benefits of interactive whiteboards in the primary classroom is that group activities that involve the interaction of the whole class can be done electronically with presentations prepared in advance, meaning teachers spend less time writing on the board and students have more time to learn.

Another benefit of using the interactive whiteboard is that you can encourage children to work together and centre lessons around problem-solving. You can write or type questions onto the screen for children to answer and get them working in small groups or as a whole class to find the answers.

Source: Twinkl.co.uk

What we have now

I’ve been teaching here at Appleton for 14 years, and the interactive whiteboards weren’t new when I started, so they’re incredibly out-of-date!

Mrs Barker

Year 5 Teacher

The school currently has an interactive whiteboard in each class, installed over fifteen years ago. These are of various sizes and the interactivity no longer works on any of them. They are effectively just an area of wall acting as a flat surface on which to project images. In addition, some of the projectors are a long way from the wall, so the picture is really faint and blurry. Owing to the age of the projectors, the images are often cropped, stretched or small, and the sound and picture quality is poor.

What we'd love to have

Mrs Barker and Year 5 tried out a new state-of-the-art whiteboard for a week and it would be hard to tell you who loved it more, Mrs Barker or the children! Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and Mrs Barker’s immediate reaction was that one board in each classroom would revolutionise what teachers could do in class. 

For more technical detail on the chosen model, click here (external website link).