Let's get interactive!

Breaking news: We did it! We reached our target. Thank you everyone!

Are you ready for a challenge?

The Friends of Appleton School are launching an exciting fundraising project – to buy seven new interactive whiteboards, one for each class. We’ve all seen first hand the huge benefits of efficient modern technology over the past year. With this project, we’d be able to thank the wonderful Appleton staff for their outstanding commitment to our children, and greatly enhance the children’s learning experience, by providing each class with a much sought after teaching aid.

What are interactive whiteboards and why are they so great?

These boards are ‘magic walls’!

Imagine being able to measure angles using a virtual protractor or teach handwriting using interactive letter formation.

They enable teachers to share, stream and edit content directly from their laptops onto high-resolution screens that pupils can interact with.

They enthuse the class and also give the teachers the advanced tools needed to better prepare our children in a technological world.

For more, see here.

Our fundraising target


Each whiteboard costs £1,830 and, with 7 years in the school, that’s £12,810 altogether. The great news is that the Friends have already purchased a whiteboard from retained funds for Year 4, where the need is most urgent. And, with huge thanks to some generous local donors, we have just secured a second whiteboard. This leaves 5 whiteboards to fundraise for, which is a target of £9,150.

This is the equivalent of £50 per pupil in the school. Although this sounds a lot, it’s a great target for a family fundraising event. Would generous relatives sponsor children to do a cycle-ride relay, a read-a-thon, or even a car wash?

We’re sure there’s a lot of creativity out there for coming up with small family-and-friends events that, when combined together, could help us make real progress towards our target.

Or maybe, thinking about the money that you would have spent at school events over the past 15 months, you’d feel able to donate directly?

We totally understand that £50 fundraising per child is a big ask and won’t be possible for everyone, so we’ll also be talking to local businesses and the wider school community for support.

Together, we can do this!

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